6 Interesting Facts about CIC London

Did you know that CIC London was founded more than 125 years ago?
Learn six interesting facts about the UK branch.



1 - We are over 125 years old

Established in 1895 in the City of London as it grew into the world’s largest financial hub


2 - CIC is part of Crédit Mutuel

Following the acquisition in 1998, which formed one of the largest mutual banking groups with presence in 38 countries.


3 - Ownership Structure

By our very nature, we don’t have shareholders and are owned by our customers. Our interests are therefore fully aligned with those of our customers.


4 - Awards

We regularly receive accolades and awards from various industry groups.


5 - Our Core Values

At CIC London are

  • Integrity & Ownership
  • Commitment & Teamwork
  • Innovation & Passion


6 - ESG Principles

The ESG principles are at the heart of our Group strategy. For example, in the UK, we are actively financing the major offshore renewable energy projects.

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