International Business Development

Are you looking to expand your business abroad?

Do you have an activity abroad and need to find new business partners / distributors to increase your turnover?

Are you looking to optimise your sourcing? Or establish a presence abroad?


CIC Aidexport

CIC Aidexport is a leading French company specialised in international business development. CIC Aidexport’s expertise is based on its extensive network of 38 representative offices, covering over 50 strategic countries. Our local teams understand country-specific practices while working with local partners, such as lawyers and accountants. The representative offices have worked on a large variety of business sectors and have an extensive experience with SME’s and multinationals.

In the UK, CIC Aidexport is represented by a team of three, who assist companies to establish and develop their UK business activities. This team is also the point of contact with the different countries covered by CIC. All of our experts are bilingual, speaking both English and French and have valuable cross-sector expertise.

What we can do for you

Market Studies

If you have not yet decided on a new market for your business, we can provide you with a study that compares different commercial opportunities for your business. This study targets several countries and will allow you to identify relevant markets for your activities.

Once you have decided on the market you wish to develop, CIC teams can provide you with information on a specific sector, test your product's positioning, analyse the local competition and distribution channels.

Partner Selection

We provide you with a short-list of main local players tailored to your needs and requests.
As a next step, our teams can help you select and contact commercial/industrial partners and investors and facilitate your negotiations.

Assistance in Setting up Operations

Once you have decided to expand to a new market, we can assist in setting up a local entity and search for business locations.
Working together with local lawyers, we provide support to help you understand the local regulations. Finally, once you have laid the foundations for your new business, we can assist you in recruiting employees.

Sourcing Optimisation

We identify key players of your industry, approach the decision makers and provide advice and support during meetings.

Our Representative Offices

Our English-speaking multicultural Teams across the world cover more than 50 countries.

Your Contact

Laure Bidault Des Chaumes

Laure heads the International Business Development team (CIC Aidexport) at CIC London. She is dedicated to support companies in their international expansion.

Laure Bidault Des Chaumes - Head of International Business Development at CIC London
Laure Bidault Des Chaumes - Head of International Business Development at CIC London

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